Gutter Cleaning

On Wednesday 13th September 2023 some members of the Parish Council and Steve Hunt were out and about cleaning the villages road gutters of weeds,soil  and detritus. This was primarily to prevent flooding as the drains were in danger of becoming blocked by the fallen leaves and a build up of soil.

The weeds allow the fallen leaves to concentrate and build up just waiting for the next heavy rainfall to wash them into the drains.
We concentrated on the side of the road with the drains from the  just around the corner from the Village Hall down to the Hunters Lodge.

Once it is all clear we a hoping to get a Devon Council Road Sweeping vehicle to regularly attend and sweep the main road and help to keep it clear moving forward. If you would like to join us the next time for a couple of hours (probably in a couple of weeks) please let us know, when we will be clearing the next section we would be very grateful.
If you live along one of the roads in the village, and you are able to pull up any weeds in front your house on the road that would be amazing and help us and the village greatly too.


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