New Container Rollout

Around 8,000 homes in the South Hams are set to receive new recycling containers in the next five weeks, as South Hams District Council prepares to improve its recycling and food waste collection service.

From Monday (25 September), the District Council will be delivering the containers to the doorsteps and kerbsides of households who currently put out their recycling in blue and clear sacks.

Anyone who receives new containers should keep recycling as they already are (using their blue/clear sacks), until they hear from us on when to start using their new containers. Residents should find somewhere safe to keep their new containers until then.

Each set of containers includes:

  • Two recycling boxes with lids
  • A white recycling sack
  • A kerbside food waste caddy
  • A smaller food waste caddy for your kitchen
  • An information pack explaining how to use each container and stickers for your boxes

We’re doing this so that in the near future, everyone in the district will receive the same kerbside recycling service, and so we can recycle more than ever before, including food waste.

We’ll be sending a letter to all South Hams residents on upcoming changes to the service.

For many residents who already have their recycling containers, the main difference will be that the day of their weekly recycling and waste collections will change.

To find out more, visit: our container rollout information page.

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