V.E.T.S Defibs East Cornworthy

V.E.T.S Defibs East Cornworthy

East Cornworthy

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ALLOTMENTS trending.defrost.renamed
BARTON COTTAGE varieties.horseshoe.alert
BLACKNESS BARN fizzle.hamper.regretted
BLACKNESS COTTAGE welfare.eased.stuffing
BLACKNESS HOUSE skippers.majors.pointed
BLACKNESS MARINE fills.heads.trifling
BLACKNESS MARINE receive.plodded.masts
BRAMLEY ballroom.kidney.soap
BROOK sensitive.correctly.lateral
CARPENTER OAK resurgent.acids.writers
CIDER BARN noble.putty.relishing
COOMBE CROSS BUNGALOW wades.prowess.stopwatch
DEVON DOWNS successor.piston.innovator
DINAH’S SIDE joins.slogans.absorb
DITTISHAM MILL finer.mixer.carpentry
DUNCANNON COTTAGE remodel.found.alley
EAST CORNWORTHY BARTON earphones.embellish.front
EAST CORNWORTHY COTTAGE musical.social.denoting
HIGHER BROADGATES eggshell.mixers.paying
HIGHER DOWN nation.wire.saved
HIGHER EAST CORNWORTHY FARM manage.sketching.outlined
LAMPER HEAD hiker.anchorman.copper
LONG BARN flexibly.parties.marzipan
LONGLANDS steamed.inspected.haven
LONGLANDS FARM fists.clots.decimal
LONGLANDS HOUSE crumb.behaving.talked
LOWER BROADGATES pigment.petulant.terms
ORCHARD HOUSE rapport.trace.weeknight
RIVENDALE FARM lunching.bottle.optimists
RIVERSIDE HOUSE gentlemen.pairings.blaze
SANDFORD HOUSE skippers.majors.pointed
SEAGULL HOUSE resonates.track.clinked
SPRINGWELL BARN swam.sues.zoomed
THE ACORN fended.colleague.childcare
THE GRANARY motivations.repaying.encoder
THE RESERVOIR elect.transmits.export
THE ROUND HOUSE wipe.husky.balloons
THE WALLED GARDEN sits.stickler.bolsters
TOAD HALL relate.surviving.burden
WHITESTONE FARMHOUSE embellish.pelting.serious
WOODLANDS LODGE depths.teeth.racked
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