V.E.T.S Defibs Cornworthy

V.E.T.S Defibs Cornworthy


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ABBEY CROSS BARN tilts.juggle.dollars
ABBEY MOUNT cheek.thundered.puff
ABBEY ROAD (2) helpfully.started.flying
ABBEY ROAD (3) footballers.refer.courier
ABBEY ROAD (4) instilled.shining.shepherds
ABBEY VIEW crinkled.saunas.dwell
ALEXANDRA PLACE collected.lobster.labs
ALEXANDRA PLACE (4) destiny.jelly.upsetting
BEERS BARN included.simulator.cutaway
BERRIES FARM iterative.singing.thinking
BROADGATE COTTAGE take.division.vans
BUMBLE COTTAGE thrillers.situates.tells
BUTTERFLY COTTAGE pocketed.thatched.speeds
CHARLEYCOMBE COTTAGES clinic.wiser.howler
CORNWORTHY COURT mows.spirit.scope
CORNWORTHY VILLAGE HALL paintings.discusses.screeches
COTTONWOOD HOUSE dabbled.prance.midfield
COURT PRIOR FARM cluttered.intend.emerge
COURT PRIOR FARMHOUSE animator.streetcar.straddled
COURT PRIOR FARMHOUSE (HL) taps.selection.standard
COWSLIP BARN prune.signified.prune
CREEKSIDE download.springing.case
DEAN PRIOR COTTAGE slamming.doctors.fortified
DINNACOMBE LODGE division.mere.polices
DOVE COTTAGE mailboxes.workforce.surpasses
DOVEDALE riper.went.amaze
DYMONDS joys.became.taster
ELDERFLOWER BARN thrusters.betrayal.hypocrite
FORGE COTTAGE coverings.stalemate.backs
FUCHSIA COTTAGE raves.shins.breaches
GATE HOUSE swanky.fingertip.sheepish
GLEBE ORCHARD severe.drip.jumps
GLOBE COTTAGES boomer.fractions.stove
GLOBE COTTAGES (2) masts.punch.referral
GREEN CLOSE (1) exams.regulator.mute
GREEN CLOSE (2) slouched.solid.river
GREEN CLOSE (3) fracture.causes.bluff
GREEN CLOSE (4) heartened.deal.rivals
GREEN CLOSE (5) interacts.cove.spin
GREEN CLOSE (6) storybook.haystack.scooter
HALL HOUSE grinders.wimp.described
HALL HOUSE COTTAGE once.browsers.soggy
HAYPARK HOUSE extreme.haunt.novel
HAYPARK HOUSE (ACACIA HOUSE) land.focal.brightens
HIGH WALLS presides.grain.enchanted
HUNTERS LODGE INN untrained.dollars.hiring
ISLAND HOUSE treatable.calibrate.introduce
JASMINE cracks.pesky.charge
JASPER COTTAGES product.montage.boardroom
JASPER COTTAGES (1) arranges.starred.arching
JASPER COTTAGES (2) extent.track.spinning
JASPER COTTAGES (3) dollars.prefix.removers
JASPER COTTAGES (4) glossed.squeaks.vocals
JASPER COTTAGES (5) rally.diplomat.employers
JASPER COTTAGES (6) ketchup.drilled.demanding
JASPER COTTAGES (7) conforms.dollars.saves
JASPER COTTAGES (8) broccoli.successor.encourage
JASPERS FARM flopped.lads.hindering
LANE END STABLES famed.eggshell.cobbles
MAYNARDS engaging.weary.dynamic
MAYNARDS COTTAGE natively.aviators.trout
MOOR VIEW unit.prefect.foresight
MOUNT PLEASANT sectors.depending.townhouse
MOUNT PLEASANT (END COTTAGE) stared.perfumes.shackles
NAB COTTAGE cocoons.factored.node
NEWLANDS hill.skinny.passenger
OLD SCHOOL HOUSE hypocrite.surviving.slide
ORCHARD CLOSE (1) slouched.smarting.deal
ORCHARD CLOSE (2) supposed.deflation.misfits
ORCHARD CLOSE (3) joked.nitrate.quick
ORCHARD HILL nooks.equity.seriously
PARK FARMHOUSE beast.pining.backswing
PARKES ORCHARD unfit.shuttling.easygoing
PARKS BARN packing.kidney.glue
PENDRAGON blockage.sounds.putty
PORTREE HOUSE charging.loafing.stencil
PRIDHAMS steady.smoking.stoppage
PRIORY VIEW (1) brand.snowstorm.pipeline
PRIORY VIEW (11) parties.rankings.retaliate
PRIORY VIEW (12) workforce.flippers.universes
PRIORY VIEW (13) families.truth.rewriting
PRIORY VIEW (14) bids.stun.rooting
PRIORY VIEW (15) afterglow.drift.mirror
PRIORY VIEW (16) explains.craftsmen.rips
PRIORY VIEW (17) crispy.puddles.backtrack
PRIORY VIEW (18) range.carbonate.string
PRIORY VIEW (2) oaks.simulations.helper
PRIORY VIEW (3) diary.received.finishers
PRIORY VIEW (4) sped.shaver.steroids
PRIORY VIEW (6) asterisk.bands.sofas
PRIORY VIEW (7) unleashed.solving.curtains
PRIORY VIEW (8) sank.fans.scooters
PRIORY VIEW (9) waxer.dusters.dogs
ROCK COTTAGE trash.dreamers.scrambles
ROSE COTTAGE cans.croaking.reason
ROSEWOOD COTTAGE slack.bronzes.moisture
ROSLYN thorax.impressed.strikers
SANS SOUCI miss.mailings.arrived
SHUTE COTTAGE lifted.public.tasks
SLATESTONES glorious.natural.quicksand
ST PETERS CHURCH releasing.deed.essential
SUNNYDALE juicy.sweetly.stooping
SWALLOWS expensive.backdrop.frogs
THE COTTAGE pats.stance.leaned
THE GLEBE HOUSE crouch.void.peach
THE OLD HALL abacus.unwound.supple
THE OLD POUND HOUSE bypassed.mouse.importers
THE OLD RECTORY neckline.surprised.tiny
THE PLATT astounded.changed.tycoons
THE RECTORY (5) liver.recruiter.inflates
TWO HOOTS name.outnumber.euphoric
VIRGINIA COTTAGE pokers.clinking.recovery
WILLOW BANK apes.rivals.younger
WILLOW COTTAGES widest.suiting.devoured
WILLOW HOUSE reflect.purchaser.panther
WISTERIA COTTAGE boast.workshops.likewise
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