BT Switch Off

What is the BT Switch Off in 2025?

BT Openreach has announced that in 2025, they will permanently switch off the UK’s old analogue telephone network (ISDN and PSTN). This action will completely shift communications technology into a digital space and every phone line in the UK will become digital, with calls routed over internet-based technology known as VoIP or IP.

The process has in fact already started. From September 2023, Openreach will NOT provide new phone lines in the UK.

This has some serious implications for rural areas, such as Cornworthy Parish. In the event of a power failure, unless you have battery backup or make special provisions, it will NOT be possible to make a call, even to 999. Ordinarily you would simply use your mobile telephone, however, the quality of signal in parts of the parish is poor and this may make it challenging.  Note: WiFi calling from any device (WhatsApp) will not work if your internet connection is not available. 
Telephone providers will be obliged to provide equipment to vulnerable individuals to ensure the landline is usable.

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